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Once you've made a payment we'll add your trees to the next batches of trees to be planted. Our planters have to plan and prepare seeds/saplings - it can take a couple of months to get the trees into the ground. Signing up to our 10-year plan makes it easier for us to plan and get trees into the ground fast. We'll feedback to you where your trees are going to be planted. You can then keep an eye on our social media/news page for updates, photos etc.

As of June 2022 all customers are now being given their own page on our website, detailing their trees, their status and where they've been planted.

At some stage we plan to cover our running costs, but for now we aren't even doing that. We are currently ploughing every penny you donate and more into planting trees. We just want to help people/companies mitigate their carbon.

Thank you for your help!

Tree planting costs

One off donations:

International trees

Donate Trees:

Want to make a one-off donation? Feel free, come back & top up whenever you want. These trees will be planted/spread around the world, we will tell you where.

UK trees

Donate UK Trees:

We are in contact with quite a few private landowners that would like help planting trees on their land. Donate using the box above if you would like to pay for trees to be planted in the UK. We have to respect land owners privacy, when your UK trees have been planted we'll tell you where with as much accuracy as the land owner will allow.

Subscriptions for ongoing donations:

Join a 10-year plan, for the average person our £10 a year international spread should be sufficient. Larger amounts, help us plant more trees. These payment subscriptions are run by Paypal - you don't need a Paypal account, you can use a credit/debit card if you would like.

The following subcriptions are for an international spread of tree planting
(Your trees will be spread across our international planters, we'll let you know where your trees will be planted)

One Person
Donate £12 a year
10 trees per year

Two People
Donate £24 a year
20 trees per year

Donate £50 a year
50 trees per year

Donate £100 a year
100 trees per year

Donate £200 a year
200 trees per year

Donate £500 a year
500 trees per year

The following subscriptions are only for trees to be planted in the UK

Donate £6 a month  
16 UK trees per year

Donate £12 a month  
32 UK trees per year

Donate £18 a month  
48 UK trees per year

Where does the money go?

  • Planning
  • Running nurseries
  • Purchasing seeds
  • Tools
  • Site preparation
  • Transport
  • Planting
  • Protection (fencing/tree guards/canes/stakes)
  • Weeding & strimming (for years after)
  • Watering
  • Getting proof of planting
Tree planting costs

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